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What is Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)?

Business process outsourcing (BPO) is widely used in many different industries. In short, it’s where a company will choose to outsource a process to another company rather than doing it in-house.

Outsourcing enables you to lower costs, access talent, gain scalability, reduce time to market, focus on core business and enhance capacity for growth & innovation. Eyedeas makes it easier than ever to get started. You select your staff and give them work and we handle the rest including recruitment and pre-screening, all HR management, office infrastructure, PC’s, IT support, Internet and all operational management.

There are many ways to outsource business processes, and many places to find companies providing services that could be useful for your business, but NOT all companies are the right fit for your business. Here we discuss about the following:

>  Why do companies choose to outsource work?

>  Types of outsourcing and their pros and cons?

>  What is the difference between onshore and offshore outsourcing?

>  How to get started on BPO with Eyedeas?

Why do companies choose to outsource work?

Business process outsourcing offers a range of essential ‘back office’ services that enable other companies to function. This can be particularly helpful for small and startup businesses, offering the following benefits:

Cost-saving – with BPO, there’s no office rental to pay or staff to train up, keeping additional operational costs to a minimum. So many wildly successful companies have grown off the back of shrewd outsourcing. WhatsApp¹, for example, relied heavily on outsourcing in the early days, sending much of its development work to Russia for a fraction of the cost of doing the same work in the U.S.

Access to new skill sets – if your team lacks skills, expertise or even technology that you need, you can plug this capability gap by outsourcing to a specialist.

The opportunity to grow and innovate – scaling up can be tough, but outsourcing can be the ideal way to access new skills while taking the pressure off your in-house team. A prime example of this in action is the project management software Basecamp¹, which took advantage of BPO to sort out chaotic internal processes so that the development team could focus on crucial tasks as the company grew.

Convenience and speed of implementation – if you can access and start benefiting from an innovative new service right away, you can maximize profits and provide customers with an improved offer.

Improved productivity – when you outsource, you may be able to extend the productivity of your working day. While your team sleeps, another external team can be working away through the night.

Of all these factors, cost is arguably the most crucial. But while you can save with BPO, there are other important considerations to bear in mind 

What is Onshore Outsourcing?

Onshore outsourcing is where a company will outsource work to an individual or company in their own country, rather than looking overseas.

    Pros: If you’re looking to access new skills, expand and have the budget to pay for specialist expertise, onshore outsourcing is a good choice for your business. It’s convenient and relatively simple, as there’s no language barrier.

    Cons: Outsourcing within the U.S, Australia or the UK. tends to be much more expensive compared to offshore outsourcing.  If you’re considering BPO to save money, or you’re a tiny business with limited funds, outsourcing in those countries (for example) is definitely not the cheapest choice.

What is Offshore Outsourcing?

Offshore outsourcing is where a company pays an individual or team in a foreign country to complete work for them.

    Pros: It’s often much, much cheaper than onshore outsourcing. Offshore BPO tends to happen with countries where the cost of living is lower, so the same work can be done at a lower cost and .

    Cons: There really are NONE if you outsource to where the launguage spoken is the same as your country.   The Philippines for example are excellent in communicating in English.   Regardless of whether you need a large quantity of low to high-skilled work completing at low cost, the Philippines can offer it all and setting up BPO there can be a great option.

How to get started on Eyedeas BPO?

Business process outsourcing can be hugely beneficial, and it does NOT NEED TO BE complicated to set up.    It’s very important to keep your needs and goals in mind, as well as choosing the outsourcing model that works for your company.

Identify your outsourcing needs

First things first, what and why do you need to outsource?  You need to determine the exact tasks and processes for outsourcing, along with your goals for BPO. It could be that outsourcing will enable you to offer a new service, grow your business, save money or bring in new profits.   Lastly, consider how outsourcing will work for your company – how will it integrate with your existing processes?

Determine what type of outsourcing best fits your needs

Which type of outsourcing you choose depends on your priorities, your budget and your attitude to risk. If your immediate concern is cost, Eyedeas offshore outsourcing is the ideal choice saving you upto 70% on staffing costs.  Talk to us about your needs and we will find the right solutions for you at a fraction of the cost you would pay in your own country.

Access to particular skills is also an important consideration.  We will find the people who can do exactly what you need.    Regardless of the specialist team you need, our costs are extremely low compared to many BPO's, so it's certainly our belief that Eyedeas BPO will be an excellent choice.

Building your own offshore team

Building your own offshore team involves creating dedicated teams of skilled professionals in another country. They are still integrated into the business, but the cost savings can be considerable as they are based in a country with a lower cost of living. 

You will be responsible for operational costs, and the training of 1 Key Staff in the job or Project you wish to undertake, but your employee salaries will be substantially lower than building the same team in for example, the US, Australia or the UK.   You will also get full control over factors such as quality, reliability and team management. 

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