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Some frequently Asked Questions Regarding Offshoring

Eyedeas Offshoring will source the best teams at the most competitive rates in the Philippines applicable to your requirements.  See Our Services Link Here.  Or, why not hop on a call or Video Chat?   Many questions can be answered in a short time and we can get get to e-meet

Until we know your exact requirements, it's difficult to determine how much you will save but it will be between 50% - 70% on the costs you are paying now.

To get an fast quote emailed to you please complete the form by CLICKING HERE.   Alternatively give us a call on our Australian number by clicking HERE  There's no obligation whatsoever.

This is discussed directly when we chat.  It totally depends whether your requirements are for short, mid or long-term jobs.  Generally the shortest period is at least 3 months.

Eyedeas BPO offer Staff benefits which are over and above the industry standard. For a list of general employee benefits please click HERE

Eyedeas BPO can offer both seat leasing and Office Space for you within our premises.    

On average you can get up and running in less than 2 weeks. In many cases, Eyedeas BPO is  able to find solutions for our clients in less than one week.

To determine cost savings and to learn more about how to get started CLICK HERE.   Or hop on a local call with us by clicking HERE

Employees are considered ‘probationary’ for the first six (6) months of employment. After the probationary period, staff are considered ‘regular’.   

However, once their probationary is complete, the credits they are accrued during this period can be used for future benefits.

Our offices are usually open 7am-5pm Local Manila time (GMT+8). Eyedeas BPO also has the capability to operate 24/7.

However regardless, we always work the hours in the client's country/state including DST.   

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