My name is Trevor...   Unique Ideas are what we sell, so you can party... 

Get the Advantage of 'Eyedeas'  

Getting 'Eyedeas' is not a tough decision

I've been doing this for over 42 years.    I regard myself as a professional Consultant, Marketer and Trainer. Since 2000, I've operated my company in beautiful SE Asia as an Expat, and before that in Australia since 1978. Learning the culture has been, and still is fascinating, and there's many more opportunities left to explore.

I see things others don't. I love the concept of "being on the outside looking in".    I do what I say I'll do, and then some.    If I say I'm going to drive sales to your business at low cost... I will.    I'm compassionate and empathetic, yet not afraid to say what needs to be said. I'll delve to the very core of subject matters and jump whatever hurdles are necessary to ensure that successes from the objectives set... are met.

I have had a long and rewarding career in the field of Product Marketing & Development and Training. I have worked with many industries, including Advertising Agencies, Radio, Television, Print, Social Media, Hospitality, Mining, Transport, Manufacturing, Service Providers, Food & Beverage, & Human Resources to name a few..

I have helped guide many companies to enjoy sustainable success by creating vision and tactical plans for their Products and/or Services in preparation for rapid growth that they otherwise would never have seen. And, just a part of delivering these successes was the ability to quickly identify strengths and weaknesses in competitors with regards to pricing, service, product, advertising, brand positioning, training, market awareness and financial strength.

Regardless of what I do, the ultimate goal is embrace the  'win-win' rule  and prove that actions speak louder than words.

However, just as important, is genuine relationship building. Whether it's face to face, via online communications or simply in the marketing tools and strategies engaged, getting up in the morning is not only a reason for celebrating a new day, it’s also to celebrate the happiness of those I’ve had and still have the pleasure to help in truly positive ways. 

All it takes is ONE Eyedeas IDEA to transform your profits from okay to incredible

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